Benefits of our programs
  • Take the course and final exam online. No need to travel to TX and go to a testing center. Online SchoolRoom/360training was one of the first providers to earn the Texas Department of Insurance certification to offer the adjuster license online.
  • Live Instructor Help Desk provides valuable help, especially for our out of state students who need help with the TX fingerprint requirements, finding the correct application form, along with help on content questions.

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texas p&c insurance adjuster license training
texas insurance adjustor classes
The Texas Resident Adjuster license is considered the most valuable adjuster license in the country. With other states reciprocity, it allows  an adjuster to enjoy a nearly nationwide scope of operation.

Texas Insurance Adjuster License - Reciprocal license acceptance in 15 states- Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota. Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Our insurance adjuster license courses are brought to you through a collabration of Online SchoolRoom and 360training.

$249.95 *
Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster License-
40 hour online course

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Course Description
Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster (40 Hour Classroom Equivalent)
Courses Included:
  • All Lines Adjuster’s Course
  • All Lines Adjuster Texas Content
  • All Lines Adjuster Texas Final Exam

This comprehensive course will prepare you for the final exam that will certify you as a knowledgeable, professional insurance adjuster in the state of Texas.  The Texas All Lines Adjuster license will allow you to work in the state of Texas, as well as in multiple states offering reciprocity.

Earning the Texas Insurance Adjuster license requires attentive study, but this course will walk you through each step with clear explanations and application questions to evaluate and apply your growing knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will be ready to start the application process with TDI to formally obtain your Texas All Lines Adjuster license.

Final Exam information:
Successful candidates need to pass a 2 ½ hour, 150 multiple choice final exam with a score of 70% or better. 70 % of questions are application based and 30% memory. The final exam must be monitored by a disinterested third party who must sign an Affidavit verifying exam compliance.

Instructor Connect:
This valuable resource provides access to a live instructor, for 30 days from date of purchase, who can tutor you on difficult concepts, answer any questions that you may have concerning the course content, work with you on overcoming test anxiety or simply clarify test procedures for your State Licensing Exam.

Exam Remediation:
If you should fall short on your first attempt to pass the State Exam, you are encouraged to send your results to your instructor. He will analyze your scores and develop a personalized review plan to organize your study and deliver it to you by email. You can then focus your efforts on the material that is most likely to produce a passing score on your next attempt.

What steps should I take in order to be hirable as an adjuster?
1.Obtain your adjusters license.
2.Get carrier certified (State Farm, Allstate, Liberty, USAA, etc).  These classes are   
  normally free or have a very low cost.
3.Apply with one or several claims contractors.
4.Go to an Xactimate (property) and/or Mitchell/Audatex (auto) training course.  This is
  where you will learn how to use the adjusting software.
5.Attend a basic property adjusting course and/or a basic auto adjusting course 
  through one of the claims contractors (Worley, Eberls, Wardlaw, Pilot, etc).  Even
  though our courses are a great learning experience, it is our opinion that your money
  is best spent learning how to adjust losses from the company that hires you.  Some
  claims companies will want you to take their basic property and/or basic auto
  course from them before deploying you.

Important Information from the Texas Department of Insurance Licensing
The Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office (AAL) is responsible for the licensing, registration, certification and regulation of persons who wish to sell insurance or adjust property and casualty claims in the state of Texas. This includes, but is not limited to, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, public insurance adjusters, risk managers, life insurance counselors, reinsurance intermediaries, navigators, discount healthcare operators, title agents, escrow officers, and small employer health benefit plans. The office also regulates persons selling insurance related products from travel agencies, self-service storage facilities, retail establishments, and rental car companies.

Common Problems or Errors to Avoid when Submitting Applications to the state
In order to assist us in providing shorter processing times, AAL has compiled a list of common problems or errors to avoid:

  • Not paying the required fee - In most cases, the fee is $50, but please consult the form to determine the proper fee for the license being sought.
  • Not including the fingerprint receipt if required, with the application - Without the fingerprint receipt, TDI staff cannot complete the criminal history background check.
  • Not including the course completion certificate - For licenses requiring a pre-licensing course, the course certificate is the only way TDI can verify that the requirement has been satisfied.
  • Not having original notarized signatures on the application - In order to verify the validity of the notarized signature, the original is required. (paper applications only)
  • The applicant's name, date of birth, or social security number not matching the information contained on the criminal history report - Many times this is a result of typographical errors. Please verify that all of the information is correct on the application.
  • Not providing addresses – All four addresses; business, mailing, residential, and an email address are required for TDI's records, in order to facilitate communications with applicants and licensees.
  • Not answering screening questions - Please be aware that all portions of Part I of the application should be completed regardless of the type of license being sought. If a question is not answered, the application will be deemed incomplete.

What are the requirements to be an adjuster? 
There are requirements to get licensed, and there are requirements to get hired. Getting a license requires the applicant to be at least 18 years old, trustworthy, must have no pending felonies or past criminal records involving moral turpitude, and pass a test of your competence.  However, it's safe to say that every company is going to have to be convinced that you are trustworthy, dependable, you have a measure of common sense, you have a spirit of fairness, you work well with people and you are willing to work as hard as the situation calls for. Some companies prefer a trainee with no experience and some require experience because there is no time to train.
Texas All Lines
Insurance Adjuster  License
Important Information
Since our final exam takes the place of the state exam, at the conclusion of the course you will see a downloadable form (affidavit) that a non-relative (neighbor, friend) can sign to attest that you took the exam.

You have to pass the exam with at least a 70 and you have 2 chances to do that.  When accomplished, you then
  • Complete the Individual Application for Insurance License, (TDI Form FIN506)
  • pay the application fee of $50;
  • submit the fingerprint receipt; and
  • submit documentation that exempts you from the exam.(which is our printable certificate of completion and the signed affidavit))

They will issue your license and send it to you,  Couldnt be easier!

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*Access to Live Instructor:
This valuable resource provides access to a live instructor, for 30 days from date of purchase, who can tutor you on difficult concepts, answer any questions that you may have concerning the course content, work with you on overcoming test anxiety or simply clarify test procedures for your State Licensing Exam.

Availability: Our live instructor is available to you from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST by phone and email (voicemail and email responded to.).

Instructor Bio:
Jack Frick, CIC, CISR, AIS, M. Div. Jack has over 30 years of insurance industry experience that includes being a claims adjuster, commercial lines underwriter, claims adjuster, sales manager, agency owner, field representative and Director of Training for a major insurance carrier. Jack holds over 12 years experience as an insurance pre-licensing instructor. During his tenure as an instructor he has trained over 13,000 students with a 90%+ licensing exam pass rate. Jack has been a co-author of numerous insurance text-books, frequent industry speaker, and served 9 years at the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, one of the nation's leading providers of advanced insurance designations.

Adjusters and Public Adjusters  24 hours, including 2 hours of ethics
Requirement per two-year renewal period. View courses Here

BONUS: Having a Texas Adjuster License is Like Having a  License in many States.  read more
BONUS: We are one of the few providers that the state of Texas allow to administer the state exam online. This means that you do not have to go to a testing facility to take the state exam...and no further expense.
Questions?  1.855.600.1557
We Administer the State Exam Online!

Texas Department of Insurance Approved 40 Hour Classroom Equivalent Course. State Approval Number 32933

Many states recognize the Texas Adjuster's license as valid in their own state because Texas was one of the first states to establish high standards to earn and maintain an adjuster license. The All Lines Adjuster License is the broadest adjuster license you can get.  All Lines Adjuster License means the adjuster can work with these types of losses:

  • Auto – both personal and business auto
  • Residential – this is homeowners and fire policies and is primarily dwelling risks
  • Commercial – business property, churches, schools, etc.
  • Farm and Ranch – animals, crops, buildings,
  • Inland Marine – valuable objects, cargo, docks, piers, bridges, transmission lines
  • Ocean Marine – vessels for transportation, hull insurance, yacht policies
  • Workers Compensation – Covers the Texas WC certification