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ARM 54: Risk Assessment
ARM 55: Risk Control
ARM 56: Risk Financing
CPCU 510: Foundations of Risk Management, Insurance & Professionalism
CPCU 520: Insurance Operations, Regulation & Statutory Accounting
CPCU 540: Business & Financial Analysis for Risk Management
CPCU 551: Commercial Property, Risk Management & Insurance
INS 21: Property And Liability Insurance Principles
INS 22: Personal Insurance
INS 23: Commercial Insurance 
Course Descriptions for  ARM  - CPCU -  INS  Courses

ARM 54 Covers Risk Assessment
This scope of study includes:
  • forecasting
  • risk management programs
  • cash flow analysis
  • risk management process
  • legal foundations of liability
  • assessing property liability
  • personnel
  • net income loss exposure
  • management liability & corporate governance

ARM 55 Covers Risk Control
Subjects covered are:
  • controlling property
  • understanding system safety
  • motivating and monitoring risk control activities
  • loss exposures including
         net income
         intellectual property
         criminal loss exposures
         disaster recovery
         environmental loss
  • understandng claim administration
  • understanding fleet operations

ARM 56 Covers Risk Financing
Our training will have you understanding
  • forecasting accidental losses
  • insurance as a risk financing technique
  • insurance plan design
  • non-insurance contractual transfer of risk
  • self-insurance plans
  • retrospective rating plans
  • re-insurance
  • risk financing plans
         finite and integrated
         capital market
  • purchasing insurance & other risk financing services

CPCU 510 is Foundations of Risk Management, Insurance & Professionalism
Our CPCU 510 course includes:
  • Code of Ethics
  • risk and understanding of:
          risk management
          risk control
          risk financing
  • insurable risks
  • financial services
  • insurance markets
  • insurance mechanism
  • legal environment of insurance
  • insurance policy and analysis
  • amounts payable.

From this course you will understand
  • analysis of insurance contracts including
         common provisions
         insurable exposures
  • overview of the legal foundation of insurance contracts and the evolution of insurance
  • policy limits, loss valuation and loss sharing provisions
  • the risk management process
  • medical control and use of specialists

CPCU 520 Covers Insurance Operations, Regulation, and Statutory Accounting
Our course includes:
  • insurance
  • underwriting of:
         property insurance
         liability insurance
  • ratemaking
  • property claim and liability claim adjusting
  • re-insurance
  • insurer
         financial statements
         financial management
  • business strategy and global operations

CPCU 540 Encompasses Business/Financial Analysis for Risk Mgt / Insurance Professionals
In this CPCU 540 course we cover:
  • discounted cash flow valuation
  • bonds and stocks
  • operating environment
  • corporate finance
  • insurer investment strategies
  • basics of corporate finance
  • financial statements
  • sources of additional financial and nonfinancial information
  • financial statement analysis
  • working capital management
  • time value of money
  • insurer income and dividend policy
  • insurer capital needs and sources
  • capital structure of insurers,
  • making capital investment decisions
  • mergers and acquisitions

CPCU 551 is Commercial Property, Risk Management and Insurance
CPCU 551 addresses:
  • flood, earthquake, and specialty forms
  • business income
  • inland marine and ocean cargo
  • crime
  • equipment breakdown
  • property loss exposures
  • building and personal property coverage
  • cause of loss forms
  • business owners and farm owners
  • surety bonds

INS 21 Covers Property And Liability Insurance Principles
Our INS21 course includes
  • property loss exposures
  • policy provisions
  • liability loss exposures and policy provisions
  • risk management.
  • what insurance is
  • who provides insurance
  • how insurance is regulated
  • measuring the financial performance of insurers
  • marketing
  • underwriting
  • claims
  • insurance contracts

You will learn what insurance is, who provides it, and how it is regulated. Also understanding how the financial performance of insurers is measured and the scope of insurance operations including the functions of marketing, underwriting and claims. Plus, you will have an introduction to insurance contracts, loss exposures and risk managemen.t

INS 22 Explains Personal Insurance
Our INS22 course includes automobile insurance and society, personal auto policy, homeowners insurance, other residential insurance, other personal property and liability insurance, personal loss exposures and financial planning, life insurance, and health and disability insurance. CE credit can be obtained by passing the National Exam through IIA,

What you will learn
  • Overview of loss exposures faced by individuals
  • Analysis of personal insurance contracts relevant to these exposures
  • The use of personal risk management
  • Learn about the role of endorsements to modify the insurance contract
  • Study the manner in which to evaluate the human loss exposure and the basics of financial planning.

INS 23 is Commercial Insurance
This INS23 course includes
  • commercial property insurance
  • business income
  • commercial crime
  • equipment breakdown
  • inland and ocean marine
  • commercial general liability
  • commercial automobile
  • business owners policies
  • farm workers' compensation
  • employers' liability
  • miscellaneous coverages

What you will learn
  • The concepts and terminology used in commercial insurance
  • The coverages and major coverage forms used in various types of Commercial insurance
  • A brief introduction to miscellaneous types of commercial insurance including professional liability, directors' and officers' excess & umbrella
  • Application of these concepts and coverages to actual cases.

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  • Agents/Brokers
  • Agency Principles
  • Line of Business Managers and Executives
  • Risk Managers
  • Underwriters
  • Municipal Managers and Executives
  • Public Entity Risk Managers
  • School Board Executives
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Executives Concerned with Risk
  • Commercial Lines Underwriting Professionals
  • Client Executives in Brokerage Firms

ARM  -  Associate In Risk Management

Courses in this program deal with identification and evaluation of exposures to both accidental losses and business risks, analysis of risk control and financing techniques for each exposure, selection of the most effective risk management alternatives and ways to implement and monitor selected risk control and risk financing techniques.  

CPCU  -  Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter

CPCU is respected as the premier designation in property-casualty insurance. Holding this designation immediately identifies you as a knowledgeable and dedicated professional.  This program provides a broad understanding of the property-casualty industry focusing on the legal, financial and operational aspect of risk management and insurance, as well as on financial services.

* CE credit can be obtained by passing the National Exam through IIA,
risk management courses and associate in risk management
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